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Men’s Knitted Touchscreen Gloves

(116 customer reviews)


Men's Knitted Touchscreen GlovesMen's Knitted Touchscreen GlovesMen's Knitted Touchscreen Gloves
21.5 cm
  • Item Type: Gloves
  • Material: Acrylic, Wool
  • Size: 21.5 cm
  • Package Includes: 1x Gloves
  • Features: Men’s Accessories, Men’s Fashion, Casual Warm Gloves, Touchscreen Gloves
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Average Star Rating: 4.9 out of 5 (116 vote)

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116 reviews for Men’s Knitted Touchscreen Gloves

  1. H***s

    Correct article but it took too long to get from the country to the home

  2. G***a

    Order received! Everything is fine, it corresponds to the description of the goods, in the frost in-45 gloves work, only a little freeze the tips on the marked fingers. Touch screen reacts perfectly!

  3. K***v

    Good gloves

  4. B***b

    Norms with the phone works

  5. S***k

    In reality is steeper than in the photo. Super.

  6. D***v

    A month to Omsk. it came to the new year. Track is not tracked. Came in a large package with other goods. Very convenient Gloves are pleasant inside and outside. Touch screen reacts. I’ll try in the cold

  7. N***a

    Gloves correspond to the description, dense, inside soft, approached the male hand 20 cm long. Delivered to Odessa in a month and a half.

  8. Customer

    Good gloves, the main thing is that in the cold now you can use the phone

  9. I***v

    Very good quality, warm, pleasant to the touch. The phone reacts the touch in them. Everything is fine. I’ll order now for gifts.

  10. Customer

    Came quickly, quality works all fine thank you very much to the store.

  11. H***h

    Its good

  12. K***k

    Thanks for the gloves. My husband really liked

  13. Y***


  14. F***f

    Excellent gloves, thank you

  15. E***n

    Warm. Weaving is good. A little long fingers, but literally a couple of millimeters. Pleasant to skin

  16. D***k

    The parcel came quickly. The product corresponds to the description. Seller and I recommend the product!!

  17. I***v

    Pleasant to the skin gloves, nerazza

  18. G***a

    All as in the description delivery a little more than a month the husband davolen as will be worn until I know I recommend

  19. M***z


  20. U***s

    On the middle male hand, without questions, the quality of norms

  21. M***o

    I ordered with “spots” on my fingertips, sent completely monochrome. Product quality-OK

  22. A***n

    Not bad gloves. only thin. with Senser work.

  23. P***K

    Normal for their money. With touch screens work.

  24. B***v

    Warm gloves, the color is good. Took one pair for the father, the second for the son, everything came up. Delivery is long to NE. And so all the norms. I’ll post the photo later.

  25. I***v

    Good, warm gloves with fleece fleece inside.

  26. S***V

    Gloves came quickly enough. By warmth at 4-. I would not recommend them to walk below-5. With touch screen work, but not constantly. They can not be washed, because. After washing, they stop working with the touch screen.

  27. T***a

    Good gloves, not very big hand.

  28. N***o

    Excellent gloves, I liked very much, thanks to the store, and happy new year!

  29. V***a

    Good and warm gloves, touch reacts to them

  30. D***o

    Gloves are good, warm. The sensor works. But not on a small hand. Size looks like L and above

  31. E***a

    Gloves are normal, the sensor feels them, all Hood.

  32. U***r

    Create the impression of dense warm gloves, how to chill normally I will add a review

  33. K***h

    very fast delivery, very good quality

  34. M***v

    Good gloves. Warm. Touch control as well as without gloves.

  35. O***h

    Very high quality gloves. Unusual material, when you put on your hand, gently inside. The most important thing is that they cope with the main function. During the frost, I will definitely be able to answer an incoming call on the phone or make some simple manipulation. Arrived in the Moscow region for 3 weeks. In Russia, I was looking for similar, I did not find. Thank you store!

  36. S***n

    Quality corresponds to the price. After a few days, all the socks were covered with pellets. There is no pile sensitive to the sensor, so the fingertips can freeze.

  37. K***o

    Gloves super, on the touch of the phone react, very warm, do not blow, recommend

  38. M***v

    Gloves are excellent. delivery stable one and a half-two months

  39. Customer

    Good gloves

  40. S***n

    Soft good gloves took two pairs, I do not regret

  41. M***o

    Good gloves, a little big, but it’s just my hand is small) The sensor reacts, works fine!

  42. G***a

    On the arm of an adult climb. Autumn option to minus 3… 4 degrees. Blown. Sensor phone in gloves works

  43. O***a

    My husband came. I recommend.

  44. D***z

    Very warm. Thick gloves

  45. S***v

    Super gloves! Sewn neatly, the threads do not stick out! Very warm! The phone is reacting.

  46. S***

    To the touch is pleasant, the size approached, corresponds to the description

  47. A***n

    Chic gloves, well worn… If they had reached :))

  48. A***n

    Excellent stretch, perfectly connected.

  49. S***v

    Excellent, fast delivery, good gloves, warm, can work with touch phone, at least “answer calls”

  50. Customer

    Gloves are good. Of course not natural wool, but warm. You can control the phone with gloves with your index finger and thumb on each glove.

  51. D***o

    Knitted gloves, not bad, up to-5-6. Index and thumbs react to the screen of the smartphone. Shipping 6 weeks.

  52. D***a

    Very good gloves. Not for cold winter, but warm enough.

  53. V***a

    Came quickly, warm, the phone sensor responds to pressing. With the store did not communicate

  54. A***r

    I like it, good quality and great store

  55. K***a

    Gloves are soft, inside with fleece, touch screen, phone reacts well. Size on a man’s hand, not malomerki. Liked

  56. K***n

    Gloves are normal. But this of course pampering works only when the street is warm, in the area of zero and-5. And stretch. For such money will come down of course.

  57. K***k

    Very good gloves, soft, neatly sewn. I ordered my husband, came up perfectly.

  58. Customer

    Gloves have reached somewhere for a month, I order already for 3 times. Still like the quality. The first wear already 2nd or 3 years)

  59. M***a

    Gloves are good. On a man’s hand just right

  60. B***r

    Very fast delivery, good big size, my husband has a big hand-very well approached, thin bike, for those who are driving the most it.

  61. M***a

    USIM Raju! Good mittens, you can walk on your hand. And warm!

  62. E***h

    Normal peppers.

  63. V***v

    The second has already taken, the quality is excellent, warm

  64. A***r

    Gloves super, on hand sat perfectly. There are no white phalanges as in the picture, with them it would look more effective. Threads stick out in places, inside the gloves a nice fleece. Wear to minus 10 will go

  65. V***h

    Ordered 11.11.2019, received in Volgograd on 09.01.2020. Gloves look good, how will I tell you later.

  66. Customer

    Good enough gloves with a heater! Before the RB flew in a month. I recommend!

  67. A***v

    Quality is good, but the sensor responds badly. The fabric is very pleasant. If in priority direct functionality then this is what you need. I’m happy

  68. Customer

    Received as described, looks nice and soft, can use smartphones while wearing, Recommend store

  69. R***a

    Came quickly, tracked. Thin, as in the description. Quality. Sensors work.

  70. A***a

    Gloves are cool, inside something like fleece.

  71. Customer

    Gloves soft pleasant should be warm but I’m a little confused knitting near the fingers…

  72. V***v


  73. N***a

    Touch works size on a large men’s brush warm pleasant

  74. N***a

    Size on a large man’s brush warm pleasant

  75. A***n

    Excellent gloves for not too cold Winter (as in St. Petersburg). Comfortable, the inner surface is pleasant to the touch. With your thumb and forefinger you can drive on the phone. Only in appearance is not some special material, but rather, some spraying or impregnation. XS, what will happen to him after washing or after playing snowballs 🙂 time will show.

  76. A***a

    Good gloves, match the description

  77. M***o

    Gloves are super. the quality of fire. the sensor reacts well. Pretty warm.

  78. H***a

    My husband liked gloves. Inside soft and hands sat well. Thank You

  79. A***n


  80. S***v

    Gloves came. My hands fit. Later protest on the street

  81. I***a

    Soft, and work, the phone feel!)) store recommend!

  82. I***a

    I really liked the gloves. Quality is amazing. Delivery is very fast. I recommend. And the price is acceptable.

  83. M***2

    Good warm peppers I advise!

  84. N***n

    Gloves are too big, I have big hands but they are too big.

  85. I***n

    I take the second time, the first enough for a year (so without holes) is warm enough (for Ufa) of the store and I recommend it

  86. V***c

    Very good

  87. G***h


  88. N***k

    Good gloves)

  89. V***v

    The first such gloves in the tilt fucked in a minibus, ordered simple without a logo, came the bitch long, gave his brother, the third again ordered the same as the first))) all the village as it should (the hand is small).

  90. V***v

    Before Mo for a month, everything is super, I order it for the first time, I recommend.

  91. V***k


  92. A***v

    The gloves are finally here! Quality, in size about 9-ka, but also 8-Ku fit this minimum. went to Peter for a very long and a half months, but the product is satisfied, I recommend. the phone screen reacts normally.

  93. A***a

    The deadline has expired. Item No. Opened the dispute and after 3 days received a notice from the post office. Gloves are awesome. Inside cashmere. Fingers on the phone react. Warm enough.

  94. A***v

    The goods came 3 weeks before the Moscow region. Packing 8 is good, without damage. The product externally corresponds to the description. The size seems a bit too big, but you need to wear it, get used to it. Overall satisfied with the store and the goods!

  95. A***h

    Zamoviv vje drugi. Yakista Garna delivery is close to 20 days.

  96. L***a

    Good gloves. Warm enough. Touch control as well as without gloves. Thank you a lot!

  97. I***n

    The quality at the height is very comfortable and soft, there are no extra seams

  98. V***f

    I take the second time, gloves are warm and wear-resistant!

  99. S***n

    Soft warm Senser works well

  100. V***t

    Quality is good. In severe frost it will be cold, but up to 10 degrees will completely come down. Sensor works

  101. A***a

    Excellent product. I recommend. You can save 5%-18% if you buy with cashback register at the link below Great product. I recommend. You can save 5%-18% if you buy with a keshbeck check the link below

  102. R***v

    Good gloves, did not even expect that such will

  103. G***k

    Great gloves, warm nice works with tel. seem pretty good quality as per this price.

  104. V***v

    Normally you can take

  105. V***a

    Already the second such order, the past were that year. Great!

  106. A***v

    Good gloves, the sensor works great thanks to the store for fast delivery

  107. M***k

    Gloves took a long time to arrive to be delivered. They are extremely warm, fit well, the touch screen responds to the touch but not to the greatest accuracy. Like it will respond to up and down or left or right swipes but they wont be usable to typing out a message… in my experience at least. However, the material is extremely good, keeps my hands warm at -5 degrees outside without even feeling the winter cold. Very happy with the product, definitely recommendations.

  108. A***h

    Came to the post office in a month. The quality is excellent, the phone reacts, like warm, there is no possibility to check, there are no frosts on the man’s hand came up.

  109. Y***v

    I’m a little small. Because of this button does not always feel the sensor

  110. N***D

    Good, warm, the phone works in them

  111. E***v

    Quality is good, not super warm

  112. V***s

    Uncle for his own delivery to Ukraine! Child to wear Poki who do not complain.

  113. E***y

    Did not come

  114. S***o

    Warm good gloves. -Bad stitches with loops at your fingertips.

  115. R***n

    Not very warm, but the iPhone responds perfectly

  116. S***v


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