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25W Portable Foldable Waterproof Solar Panels

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  • Item Type: Solar Chargers
  • Material: Monocrystalline Silicone
  • Size: 260 x 160 x 18 mm / 713 x 260 mm
  • Power: 25 W
  • Set Includes: Solar Charger, USB Cable, 4 x Hooks, User Manual
  • Features: Solar Charger Panel, Portable Solar Charger Panel, Solar Panel, Charger Panel
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  • Type:

    Solar Panel

  • Flexible Solar Panel:


  • Foldable Solar Panel:


  • Size:


  • Max. Power:


  • Number of Cells:


  • is_customized:


  • Material:

    Monocrystalline Silicon

  • Nominal Capacity:


  • Number of Panels:


  • Item:

    Solar panel

  • Power :


  • Charging port output:

    2 USB ports Use one USB-5V 2.1A (Max) Use two USB

  • Opened size:

    713 x 260mm (28 x 10.2 inches)

  • Closed size:

    260 x 160 x 18 mm (10.2 x 6.3 x 0.7 inches)

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Average Star Rating: 5.0 out of 5 (119 vote)

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119 reviews for 25W Portable Foldable Waterproof Solar Panels

  1. V***a

    Everything came, everything works))) delivery is super fast))) the husband is happy

  2. N***e

    fast delivery, looking good, I haven’t tried yet, I paid 30€ in Spain customs, if I knew I wouldn’t buy it! 🙁

  3. D***s

    The goods came quickly, charges well. Seller recommend.

  4. Customer

    Charging is coming.

  5. K***n

    exelent item, thanks

  6. Customer

    Seems sturdy enough, and works perfectly to charge multiple items at once. I highly recommend getting a power bank if you don’t already have one, as well as some hanger suction cups. if you want to mount it on a window.

  7. S***.

    very good charger. Already second one, previous I have lost on camping. Easily able to charge two mobile phones at once. In sunny day you can fully charge your phone in 2hours. Charger is water splash proof.

  8. I***a

    It works, the store did not communicate

  9. I***a

    Happy. Works as in the description. Charges even in rainy weather. But best and fastest in sunny. Yes, charge better poverbank, otherwise there is a chance to spoil the phone from the voltage drop. In the rain to hold these panels, everything is fine. A pocket where the recharge unit is isolated well from the rain. Save from good rain.

  10. H***h

    havent tried yet but everything looks good. received items superfast.

  11. M***e

    Good product, load but do not leave the power bank connected to the panel otherwise the load does not start. Forced to disconnect and reconnected when the sun is there.

  12. A***v


  13. I***a

    Charges. At full sun charged the phone for 35% in 1,5 hours. I don’t know if it’s quick or not, but it satisfies me. The panel came in 10 days. Very convenient folds, like that there is a pocket for devices. I am happy with the purchase and definitely recommend the store and the product.

  14. Y***o

    Came for 2 weeks in ukraine, checked charges, thank you to the store.

  15. E***w

    The order came to the moscow region for 23 days-exactly in the specified deadline! All according to the description, the condition is working, the quality is satisfied… the store respect!!

  16. O***i

    Great product. Arriivato quickly. All perfect. Strongly recommended

  17. S***n

    Perfect quality, charging very well

  18. M***r

    Charges even without the sun. Weakly but charges. Well, in the sun, everything is fine. I’m happy …. Bye.

  19. R***i

    Super fast delivery to Poland. 7 days from the moment the shipment was dispatched. Good product. All as described

  20. D***v

    The quality is excellent, but there are questions on the work. For example, in stable sunlight, the power is interrupted for some reason. Any sun burns a red light. On the power most likely 20 watts no more.

  21. A***v

    Norm, charge goes

  22. N***a

    Excellent sewn. Everything is well done. Charged immediately after unpacking from the home light bulb. Purchase satisfied. Cool zipper pocket

  23. F***M

    Bon produit, Merci

  24. O***a

    Externally, everything is fine. Immediately decided to try. While driving home by car in rainy weather, the panel did not charge the phone. There was an impression that the panel sucked energy from the phone) i will add a review later

  25. A***o

    I don’t have any devices to measure any actual currents so I just connected the charger to an empty power bank and placed it in nearly direct sunlight. After 5 hrs of charging I connected my mobile to the power bank and it charged only 12% of the 3000 mAh battery, which made me really very disappointed. Next I repeated the same procedure with two other power banks and they seem to be charged pretty well. The first powerbank is not damaged because it works properly when charged via an ordinery charger connected to the an ordinary socket. CONCLUSION: The solar charger works pretty well but not with all power banks. If you have similar problems to mine, you should try other power banks first.

  26. A***b

    The goods are received. Quality is good. What i can write after the test.

  27. V***S


  28. A***n

    Everything is fine

  29. K***n

    nothing to complain, perfect item

  30. P***x

    This is the third one I am buying. The pocket with the 2 USB connectors and room for the smartphone is very convient when charging. It is a 5V/2A in a small form factor.

  31. H***v

    Thank You!

  32. R***n

    Verry good panels. I tested the Panels and the specs are fullfilled. Perfect Product.

  33. J***a

    Great product!

  34. S***i

    Senks thanks, works as stated

  35. G***g

    In a cloudy day, it gives current roughly around 1.2A. Charged Oneplus 7 for 5% within 10 minutes. I’m satisfied with this product. Highly recommended .

  36. A***v

    I was given a solar charge, which did not charge anything. And so i took a long time skeptical about such devices. But then went camping with a friend and he had this model. Charged even when clouds. So i ordered myself exactly the same model. And it is best not to charge a phone, but a powerbank, so as not to kill the phone with voltage surges from the movement of clouds

  37. R***y

    It arrived very well in 10 days and really came the same material

  38. R***y

    Everything came whole, packed well, in the work has not yet checked, but i think it will also be fine.

  39. Customer

    Very good product

  40. Customer


  41. A***y

    I do not know who and what did not charge (in the comments above) i have two power banks for 20 000 and my wife for 10 000 mah so here. My charge for 4 hours from 20 to 100%… At the wife (she for the purchase of the phone was given) charged a maximum of 81%… (from the outlet charges completely) with what is connected? I do not know, but this thing with charging from the sun completely suits me for a sunny day (you can fully charge several power banks and all gadgets, electricity for the evening and night in the tent enough with your head)

  42. A***v

    At one output 5.1 v 2a. A suitable device. I recommend to buy.

  43. B***n


  44. S***a

    Great panel. Fast delivery to krasnodar. Delivered all the whole, without damage. Checked, everything works, in the direct sun charges perfectly. Let’s see what happens next. Seller and panel recommend

  45. I***o


  46. A***v

    With full (without cloud) sun, charged powerbank for 10 k (100%), two smartphones and two radios in 4 hours. Everything corresponds to the description, everything is qualitatively done.

  47. V***v

    The panel came. All ok. No cracks. Weather cloudy. I did not check yet.

  48. R***n

    OK. Delivered to RUS in 15 days.

  49. N***v

    Excellent solar panel! I do not advise taking less power. Bank 10000 with variable clouds for 4 hours (in the yard october month) delivery mega fast.

  50. A***v

    Got it. Very high quality. A little heavy. How it works i will check in the campaign.

  51. I***n

    The parcel came in time. Externally everything is normal and without defects. I can not check-the weather leaves much to be desired.

  52. L***n

    Nice solar charger, fast delivery !!

  53. P***p

    Received in good condition.

  54. H***d

    great solar cells!

  55. E***l

    Recommended !!

  56. K***n

    good store and product is great !

  57. P***v

    Well, about 25 Watts is a bust. 2 ports of 5 volts of 2 amps under ideal conditions. But at the same time two smartphones with powerful batteries in bright sun will charge easily

  58. A***n

    The man opened the window in the box with a utility knife, so he cut the product from three places!

  59. S***v

    Light comfortable panel. Gives a charge in cloudy weather. Externally looks good. Everything is done neatly and firmly.

  60. A***a

    Order arrived quickly. Performance is good, quality. Test passed. Of course there are no Watts that are specified, but I’m satisfied. Thank you. Seller recommend.

  61. P***k

    She’s here. Small in size, I think to expect miracles on current is not necessary. I can not check yet, there is no sun. I hope the phone pulls.

  62. Customer

    Good quality. Fast delivery. Good store. Thank you.

  63. I***a

    Seller’s service is great !!

  64. C***n

    love the solar panel

  65. M***a

    come fast and like it !

  66. K***v

    Arrived pretty quickly. Made in appearance soundly and without obvious jambs. Includes 4 carabiners and a wire. In cloudy weather in the shade of a tree, charging goes on 4 panels. The rest will already show practice.

  67. Y***y

    He arrived in Turkey in about 20 days. This firm is really professional and very interested in its business. It has reached firmly. Thanks my Asian friends

  68. A***v

    Works came thanks .. Works

  69. A***n

    Sent quickly. Delivery about 2 weeks via Russian Post. The product corresponds to the description. There is no damage to the package. Artificial lighting does not work. Through the glass the same did not want to work. I made money on the street. In sunny weather (but not in direct sun) showed charging current up to 800ma. Not always stable charging (for a couple of seconds can turn off). In general, satisfied. In the absence of a stationary power grid is very useful.

  70. Y***i

    The parcel quickly came by courier service

  71. S***a

    super fast

  72. A***v

    Came on time, visually all qualitatively. I did not check in the work.

  73. J***I

    fast delivery and fast charging. great! thank you! so much better when you buy from the offical store…

  74. N***n

    It took it less than 2 weeks to arrive, I am honestly impressed. It is as shown, looks sturdy and high quality, still have to test it and see if it works and how long it takes for it to charge something. Meanwhile, I’m satisfied with my purchase

  75. A***h

    I took it for the bike, until I tested it. But colleagues-tourists said that from the battery you need to charge powerbank during the day, and already at night to charge from powerbank phone.

  76. V***d

    Attention € 40 extra to predict for customs

  77. R***r

    Everything has come like works claims yet no

  78. A***v

    Delivery is fast. Packing is very good. In appearance, the battery is made qualitatively. Outwardly it looks powerful, in the hands it feels heavy. On top is a large pocket with a lock type “lightning”, in which the smartphone and the bank together with it are safely placed. Included were 4 carabiners and a USB cord for charging. The battery has not yet been tested, as it received the parcel in the evening.

  79. Customer

    charges the battery 1% in 3 minutes at conditions Germany December full sun 12:30 pm 15% display S10 + with mobile data turned on and a music streaming service app.   charge the battery 1% in 2 minutes Conditions Germany December full sun 12:30 pm 15% display S10 +   I have not tested when switched off S10 +   but I think so 1% 2-1 minute.   So I am very satisfied and dss loading with solar does not depend on whether the device 25w it means that the device under the best conditions 25w peak power makes that would be for example desert high summer noon sun dan it would give 25w power   Since most of the time the sun does not shine 100% a day, the performance of the Suaoki25w is not 100%.   dss the Suaoki25w just means that an energy translator is sunlight into electricity.   it is not cloudy that means it must have a direct sunlight contact Frontal irradiated.   It annoys me that good products from ignorant people get bad feedback. That’s why I write this feedback.

  80. A***v

    The order received 30.11.19, everything came in the kit and in excellent condition. Ordered from China 11.11.19. The product is very satisfied, the delivery is fast. Thank store and delivery service for good work. The battery has not yet been tested since the weather now does not allow. I recommend the seller.

  81. O***o

    I think this product is useful when a power failure occurs due to a natural disaster.

  82. N***n

    The goods came quickly, charges well

  83. A***v

    From the moment of order to receive 20 days. Everything came whole, completeness all in place, the quality of performance is good, I will check in the work to write off.

  84. T***v

    The parcel came about 16 days to the Volgograd region. Packed well. Looks good. Charging indication is. What current-I do not know yet (and this is the most important thing). There will be an opportunity-check and add feedback, so 5 stars-in advance. I really hope that everything will be fine. In general, I recommend the store.

  85. A***h

    Delivery is fast. To Moscow 10 days. Tried failed, the sun does not appear at all

  86. P***o

    Does your paper, recommend. Carries very well, just have sun

  87. Customer

    The product is well packed, in the case has not yet used, but the appearance of it inspires confidence.

  88. I***n

    Shipping 27 days, everything works.

  89. H***n

    Received excellent condition. I haven’t tried yet but it seems working.

  90. Customer

    Very beautiful, I love it..!!!

  91. V***i

    Very fast shipping. 2.5 weeks to Israel

  92. A***v

    Corresponds to the description. Fast shipping. Small dent on the package. The panel was not hurt. Works. Quality thing. I recommend.

  93. A***v

    good. cant test currents cuz it is cloudy winter now

  94. M***a


  95. R***i

    Month to Irkutsk, visually normal, check no possibility-cloudy.

  96. Customer

    All OK, arrived in two weeks, has no internal battery charge as it is exposed to the sun.

  97. A***o

    Ok! Recommend

  98. H***n

    Great product – this is my second and I am giving it as a gift. Buy It !

  99. D***d

    The curve Horn came to 13 days, to a new post office. The panel is whole, well packed. Check in the sun is not possible, cloudy, from the lamp does not charge, but reacts to the light and on the phone shows that charging is going

  100. O***v

    Thank you, the package arrived. Check performance is not possible constantly very cloudy weather.

  101. S***v

    Quality of compliance, I did not try to charge anything because there is no sun.

  102. S***V

    Excellent store, like the goods that he sells. It is a pity that because of the post of Russia, the panel did not reach me. Lost. AliExpress returned the money promptly. The seller was willing to communicate with me and expressed sympathy. Therefore I put “5”!!!

  103. Customer

    Efficiency to check is not possible. The view is made qualitatively.

  104. S***k

    The panel reached in 45 days khmelnytskaya region. Track is not tracked already began to worry began dispute to return money but after 4 days in the mail received the goods, the panel is made qualitatively, the material is quality, stitched well, The lock is not bad, there were 4 carabiners in the set, as the sun will check the charging while the rains go, prodovets recommend but put 4 as the track is not tracked, the price plus quality 5.

  105. A***o

    Very good, recommend

  106. A***k

    It’s okay. Looks cool. Traveled to Ukraine for 1,5 months. Thank you to the store.

  107. T***a

    Shipping 50 days to 37 RUS. Gratitude to Chinese friends in general. All with Ng! Congratulations on best wishes). The product corresponds to the description. On the NG January 1, the sun came out, the panel showed 0.4-0.6 amps and about 4 volts. Once the cloud hits, charging 0 zero. In principle, in the summer there should be norms. You need to charge the bank, from the phone constantly falls off. The theme is shorter. Thank you very much.

  108. M***q

    received.thank you very much

  109. P***A

    Very high quality looks in the work did not check the Sun little in winter

  110. A***v


  111. S***v

    Check add feedback

  112. N***s

    It came quickly. Check is not yet possible. How to add a review

  113. S***V

    Excellent solar panel. Qualitatively and soundly made. Fast shipping. I recommend to everyone

  114. E***a

    Very good product

  115. A***y

    On a weak winter sun 1A give out easily and at the same time the indicator is red. The panels came very cool packed. I’m happy with the store!

  116. J***a

    I had one in Himalayas, it was invaluable for my hike, and my sherpa guide liked it so much I gave it to him. So now I buy another one for myself.

  117. A***s

    I arrive soon and in very good condition thank you very much

  118. O***v

    The battery did not come, but the store without unnecessary conversations honestly returned the money.

  119. V***v

    It’s okay.

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